Make a Payment

Annual dues are $35 payable at October 1st.
Dues are used primarily for grass cutting and landscaping at the entrances.  Other expenses include electricity for the street lights and entrance lights, postage/paper/envelopes, website fees and general repairs, etc.
Once your payment and address have been confirmed, you will be granted access to the Members section of our website.  The member directory is password protected and only dues paying residents will have access to it.
Once you have full access to the website, please take a moment to add or update your profile.   You have the option to keep your phone numbers and e-mail addresses private, but please include them for ORRHOA use so that you can be included in important announcements regarding our neighborhood, city, or parish. 
Advantages to paying your HOA dues and becoming a member:
• Full access to the Members section of website
• Members have voting rights at General Meetings
• By supporting your HOA, you help to ensure that our neighborhood's appearance and  
   infrastructure are as nice as possible!  We all know that "curb appeal" is big influence    
   when selling your home.  By keeping our neighborhood looking its best, our property  
   values also remain at their highest.
• Becoming a member gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part to help
   the neighborhood remain a GREAT place to live!
You can pay your dues online by using the form below which will take you to the PayPal website.  You can also mail your payment to ORRHOA, P. O. Box 4174, Slidell, LA  70459.
Thank you in advance for your payment and commitment to our community!

Annual HOA Dues - $ 35.00
Annual HOA Dues (specify other amount) - Amount $
Sponsors - $ 40.00